Time to relax?, don’t worry we’ve got the right book

Time to relax?, don’t worry we’ve got the right book

The SAP Business One team finds it important to provide you with quick and correct feedback on any of your ERP related questions.

During the initial implementation we provide trainings and workshops to get the team comfortable in the world of SAP.  After Go-Live we help with the daily questions and extensions of SAP Business One.

But what to do if customers like to review some new features or investigate particular options themselves? Some might have been parked during the project or were simply not seen as relevant at the time, what to do?  The first step in gathering ideas and options is often a step too far.

With the increase in functionalities within SAP Business One, the “User Guide” has been intensively reviewed and updated. The book now covers the solution widely and explains the usage and options of all the common daily activities (and more).

Therefore we found it the right moment to offer our customers a copy of this new edition of the “SAP Business One – User Guide”.

We hope it will allow them to get ideas on how to get the most out of SAP.

Happy reading ….book2