(Y)our team

Despite being a young company, Vigor has a wealth of experience. The team has already worked together for 10 years. You will not find better anywhere, as SAP® Business One was only launched at the end of 2002. At the beginning of 2003, Jeroen Swanborn was the first SAP Business One consultant in Belgium. The preference for small and medium-sized enterprises never went away. With Vigor, Jeroen set up his own SME in 2012.

Focus on the differentiators of small companies

“SMEs and small organisations differ from major players in terms of their flexibility, versatility and commitment,” says Jeroen. “As an IT partner, you have to support these differentiators fully. With solutions, but also through your approach. Our SME customers expect a high degree of involvement, considerable adaptability and quick solutions from us. That’s easier to achieve from within a small, focused organisation like Vigor than from within a large company.”

Balanced team for wide-ranging advice

For ERP consultancy you need a great deal of knowledge and skills. You have to know and understand sectors and business processes. You have to be able to translate processes into technology, manage projects, support change processes, train people and have an organisation to support your customers operationally.

“The Vigor team is balanced, with certified specialists in various areas – both within and outside SAP Business One,” says Jeroen. “The years of experience produced a host of best practices. Our team members also complement each other well. They assist customers with wide-ranging advice. Bas focuses on the technical development of interfaces, custom work and electronic data interchange (EDI). He’s also responsible for our web shops. Tommy provides customers with operational support and loves brainteasers. He happily immerses himself in reporting and layout.

Sidney is the expert in the design of financial systems. All your questions about accounting in an SME go to him. Chester is the youngest of the team but he still carries a lot of experience in customer support and general SAP Business One. Thanks to his broad SAP and process knowledge in logistics, Bart is active in both client support and projects. We have no secondary roles at Vigor, only starring roles. The team takes priority over the individual. For the customer, that’s the best guarantee of success.”

Our biggest motivator?

“Helping customers in implementing their plans for the future and finding solutions for their specific challenges: that motivates us tremendously as a team. It’s hugely satisfying to see customers keep returning after years. Such as Impermo, Almeco, Altachem or Orakel – the first Business One customer in Belgium. There’s no greater compliment. Today we provide our services to more than 40 companies.”

Founder’s background

In 2000 Jeroen Swanborn graduated as a Master of Applied Economics, specialising in computer science and financial markets. At Siemens Business Services he trained in SAP R/3, e-commerce and business warehousing. He moved to TheVisionWeb, a specialist in enterprise applications. There he dedicated himself to the implementation and design of software applications. Until he became fascinated by total solutions for SMEs. After being taken over by a big player he became project manager, and later business unit manager for the SME sector. In the summer of 2012 he decided to take a different path with the team: that of Vigor.