You don’t have ERP


The fact that you are showing an interest in an ERP system means that your company is doing well. It has the potential for growth. And yet you are struggling with concerns for which your current IT systems offer no solution. What’s more: sometimes your IT systems themselves are the cause.

Will you benefit from ERP?

Perhaps the systems are fragmented, so that search for business-critical information and operational details takes you a great deal of time. Maybe you do not have an overall picture of what is happening in the company. Taking informed decisions is a tedious process. As is monitoring revenue, expenses and profit margins. Nor is your IT enhancing the performance of your staff, on the contrary. Productivity could be better. Important data about customers, orders, purchases or items are entered in several applications. Sales persons sometimes complain. They find it difficult to get up-to-date information about products in stock. It is a challenge to inform a customer quickly and accurately about the status of his order. Worse still: you are losing customers because your competitor is more in tune with their needs.

Can you identify with elements of this story? Then you will benefit from an ERP system.

Vigor as sounding board

Use Vigor as a sounding board. Outline your main difficulties. Vigor will seek out causes and appropriate solutions with you. It will advise you from its extensive experience as an ERP implementation partner.

SAP® Business One: quickly operational and future-proof

SAP Business One was designed exclusively for small organisations, and has 25,000 customers worldwide. By seamlessly integrating sales, customers, finances and activities, SAP Business One gives you an insight into all aspects of your business, which will allow you to take decisions on the basis of current information. With this insight you can monitor performances, eliminate inefficiencies and identify profitable business opportunities. If your company grows, you can easily tailor the software to your new wishes. SAP Business One is quick and easily to install and configure. The average implementation time is 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the business situation. Read more about SAP Business One.


Vigor specialises in ERP, but also thinks beyond it with you. For your web shop, for example, you are at the right address with Vigor . Vigor has partnerships with specialists in scanning and warehouse solutions, in business intelligence & analytics and in mobile solutions.