You are not happy with your ERP system

Are there better ERPs?

You are familiar with the benefits of ERP. The problem is that with your current package these do not live up to their promise. Or: no longer live up to their promise. Because your company has evolved, your business model has changed, you are operating on an international basis now, or for other reasons. Perhaps the package falls short functionally, or does not track technological developments quickly enough.
Welcome to Vigor for an introduction to SAP® Business One.

Get to know SAP Business One

SAP developed SAP Business One specifically for small companies, based on 35 years of ERP experience and best practices. It has 60,000 installations worldwide. It provides an answer to the most diverse business issues. Is your company growing, are you evolving towards a new commercial model or are you placing new products and services on the market? Then you simply tailor the software to your new wishes. SAP Business One is a product from the market leader in ERP. You will notice that in the speed with which it regenerates. It monitors closely new trends and technologies.

SAP Business One has 40 country-specific versions on one single platform. Delivery and support are local, so you can grow internationally without being hindered. SAP Business One is quick and easy to install and configure. The average implementation time is 2 to 8 weeks, depending on your business situation.

Vigor as sounding board

Use Vigor as a sounding board. Outline your main difficulties. Vigor will seek out causes and appropriate solutions with you. It will advise you from its extensive experience as an ERP implementation partner and let you get to know SAP Business One. Check our services and focus areas.


Vigor specialises in ERP, but also thinks beyond it with you. For your web shop or warehouse integration, for example, you are at the right address with Vigor . Vigor has partnerships with specialists in manufacturing solutions, business intelligence & analytics and in mobile solutions.