Warehouse integration

Vigor integrates the stock management of SAP® Business One with systems for automatic identification or auto-ID, such as scanners and barcode readers. If you do not yet use auto-ID systems, Vigor will propose solutions from partners based on your needs, with the focus on simplicity. The goal: to offer you greater control of and insight into the logistics processes of the warehouses.

Efficient warehouse management

A well-organised warehouse is vital to your delivery chain with suppliers and customers. With solutions for auto-ID you can keep perfect track of incoming and outgoing stock movements. You enter the data at the location where the information is generated, in automated fashion. Double input is a thing of the past, as are extra checks. Paper streams in the company are reduced. The number of wrong item codes, numbers, locations and pickings falls sharply, allowing you to cut costs.

Logistics management has access to accurate information, thereby boosting efficiency. Decision-takers know at any time what is where. Order administration is up to date more quickly. Theft and fraud are often reduced significantly, as are superfluous orders. The total cost of ownership of auto-ID systems is low, the ROI time short.


Vigor ensures that the warehouse based on SAP Business One receives correct instructions and statuses, and that the scanned data reach the right location in the SAP process.

  • receipt of goods: SAP B1 sends item and purchase order details to the auto-ID system. This records the goods received, links them to purchase orders and sends the information to SAP B1. There, the data are available to the entire organisation.
  • inventory of stock: exchange of scanned stock counts with SAP.
  • sales orders and picking: the picklists of items for dispatch are sent to the auto-ID system. The warehouseman picks and scans. In SAP the stock status is updated automatically.