SAP Business One Roll-outs

Many large companies manage and control their organisation with SAP ERP. They often implement SAP® Business One in their branches. Vigor is SAP preferred subsidiary roll-out partner in Belgium.

All locations on a single platform

In large organisations there is sometimes a proliferation of solutions and systems for local or specific processes. These push up operational costs and make it more difficult to integrate the various entities. With SAP Business One in your subsidiaries and sidelines you create a uniform and integrated environment for the entire corporate network. This set-up has many advantages:

  • the information is always up to date;
  • reporting is the same everywhere;
  • data and content can easily be shared with the other SAP systems in your company;
  • your processes are harmonised, with local accents;
  • operational efficiency goes up, costs go down;
  • there is more transparency, control and insight across locations, allowing for better decision-making.

Grow internationally with SAP Business One

SAP Business One is available throughout the world, with 40 country-specific versions on a single platform. Delivery and support are local, so you can grow internationally free of troubles. You will not find that with most other solutions for small businesses.


In a SAP roll-out you reuse the existing implementation cycle and business processes in a new location. A roll-out template contains the common processes for all locations. To these you add the local and specific processes. Vigor follows the prescribed SAP roll-out methodology. This ensures quick and cost-effective integration with the central SAP ECC.