Manufacturing companies

In production companies Vigor  supplements SAP® Business One with PPS One, an add-on from CP CIM-POOL AG. PPS One is fully integrated with SAP B1. It runs globally in small and medium-sized production companies. Vigor is the PPS One competence centre for Benelux.


The right decisions, fast

As a production company, you need an insight into capacity, workload and availability of materials. You want to take the right decisions fast based on consistent and up-to-date information. You also need to constantly respond to customers’ new requirements, trends and regulations. That demands flexibility from your production resources, people and supporting IT systems. PPS One provides a response to all these requirements.

From single-unit to MTO, assembly and batch

PPS One is designed to be modular, and offers a rich functionality for production companies of up to 250 employees. It supports various production strategies, from single-unit and small-batch manufacturing to make-to-order, mixed-mode manufacturing, assembly and batch manufacturing. PPS One helps you match production capacity effectively to demand, plan work orders in detail, make good use of your production resources, and monitor labour and machine costs.

Using master data management you manage work centres, machine groups, multi-machine operations, calendars and work schedules. In routing & BOM management you assign items to be produced to an operation plan in which you specify the list of materials and the production process. This plan also forms the basis for costing and the logistics process. Extensive reporting options provide you with all the information you need to make fast, correct decisions.

User-friendly and cost-effective

Together with PPS One, SAP Business One forms a compact and cost-effective business solution that easily continues to support you in new production processes or product lines. PPS One can easily be adapted to the needs of your business. The user interface is structured and intuitive. New users are quickly up to speed with minimal training.


Vigor is a member of the SAP manufacturing circle. It is also the competence centre for PPS One in Benelux. In addition, our PPS One consultant is certified by APICS for production and stock management (CPIM certified). Vigor provides an end-to-end service: from determining scope to installation, configuration, integration and after-care.