Integration & customization

SAP® Business One is a nuanced solution with many setting options. Many customers use SAP B1 without customizing it. Vigor configures and parameterises the solution so that it supports your vision perfectly and does exactly what you want. If customization is still required, Vigor will offer you a cost-effective approach. It will also integrate SAP B1 with your other IT systems and those of your business partners.


A lasting collaboration is built on trust and transparency.
If Vigor tailor-makes part of your solution, then you become its owner.

Cost-effective customization

Custom work lets you simplify and supplement certain processes, or allows you to tailor documents and reports precisely to your needs. Custom work for SAP B1 can be done using the Software Development Kit or SDK – the programming language for SAP systems – but also with add-ons such as Coresuite. Here, you add codes without compiling them. This means programs remain accessible and easy to edit. Besides custom work and layouts, Coresuite is useful for adapting screens or quickly finding data in SAP B1 via a search engine.

Integration - customizationIntegration with business partners

Exchanging information electronically with your ecosystem has many advantages. Processes are standardized. As a result, they become more efficient, more easily manageable and cost-effective. Vigor integrates SAP B1 with external platforms via Electronic Data Interchange. With EDI you import, for example, electronic orders into SAP, send electronic invoices to your customers or produce electronic delivery documents for your logistics partners.

Vigor also has considerable experience with the Business One Integration framework, or B1if. This tool is part of your SAP B1 licence. B1if integrates your SAP B1 with, for example, an e-commerce website, the systems of a logistics service provider or the legacy system of your own organisation. Companies often use B1if for integration between subsidiaries and headquarters, intercompany transactions, web integration or integration with mobile solutions.

Fast implementation

Together with you Vigor examines which technical solution is the most suitable for your demands. Vigor supports you in designing robust and reliable integration scenarios with a short implementation time.